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So, my amateur-first-lesson-just-starting-out guess at defining “main() function”

No freakin’ clue. My emaciated understanding of code terminology feels massive, a bit overwhelming and is a personal hurdle I hope to cure with this course.

…That being said, maybe it’s the main… outcome or “job” the code will perform? Current assumption is that we’re basically building a “program” when we write code, and so… the computer/OS runs everything, and we’re plugging in a new device, a program, and the “main()” function is say, “print paper” and it will [call] all the other “”“functions”"" or whatnot we’re about to write, i.e. ‘get paper’ ‘get pattern’ ‘spit ink’ ‘eject paper’ ‘complain low-ink’ and those individual lil bits make up the “main ()” which is “job done” or maybe “job’s doing”

¯_(ツ)_/¯ I don’freakin’know, let’s go find out.

-thx for listening, sorry for human syntax; sorry in advance future me, get back to work.

Back doing the next Challenge, from Statements and Comments: Explain the bits of code we got so far here’i’diz:

-Preprocessor directive:
we’re including things before we even do anything. Calling in “libraries” from somewhere. What those are and whence they come I still don’t know. …maybe they’re those C++ extensions we installed cuz VisStud can… run other…languages? Idk, research is ongoing.

-Main Function:
Maybe this is more like telling to turn the ignition key. “Start up the following”

-Expression statements:
Honestly don’t get what these are. Statement seems to be the term for any completed functional line, making a “;” serve the purpose a period would in literary writing. Can’t just call’em lines cuz lines mean the literal horizontal space within which any letters, syntax, etc. exist.
Letters, syntax etc. = gears, belts, cogs, pulleys bit’n’bobs
Lines = shelves
Statements = smallest form of combined gears, cogs etc. that do something
…maybe Expressions are temp statements that don’t need recalling or saving? Single use “variables” or items?

-Declaration Statements:
These are defining something. Kind of creating something, so far only recallable “objects” but I’m guessing they can define other things about this lil universe being written.

-Return Statment:
Can’t tell yet if Return means to “present [this]” or to “return to [this state]” either way it’s so far only being used as “after all that, do [this]”
In this case, turning off. Or exiting the code rather.

My TripleX so far
-Extra endl 's and unnecessary comments
-Couple references in the print flavor text.

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