Post-processing works in game view but no in scene view

You know how to make it works fine?

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Tried pressing play?

You may need to enable them in the Scene View toolbar: To the right of the Audio icon there should be an effect icon (I think it’s a wand with a magic on it)… from there you can turn on/off various effects in the scene View.

I have it enabled but it doesn’t work

Are you using 2022.2 or greater, by chance?

I went to a project I was running in 2022.1.11f and another in 2022.2.0b13 and discovered that the scene view processed the effects flawlessly in 2022.1.11f, and nothing I did could get them to work in 2022.2… possibly a bug?

Yes, i’m using 2022.2. Maybe is that, thank you!

Honestly, I never even thought about it before, as I usually set up my effects in the game view and then leave them. I tend to keep my effects very subtle.

Special thanks to @jbwb for finding a solution for this!

There is a Unity Tracker issue here: Post Processing doesn’t work in Scene view when “Upscaling Filter” is selected in “Universal RP-High Quality Universal Renderer”

The solution is to open the URP-High Fidelity Asset . In the Inspector, under the ‘Quality’ heading change the Upscaling Filter from ‘Automatic’ to ‘FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0’. All post-processing changes should now be visible in the scene view.


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