Possible mistake in video?

In the last bit of the video when resolving slope for 3^t, where t=6, you end up with delta t = 814-653 = 161.

The slope is marked as 1000, but I get 805 when dividing 161/0.2.

I think it’s important to correct any of these mistakes as people’s confidence can wane if they think the mistake is theirs and not an error in the video (I have very low confidence about maths so I know this is true)


Thanks for the heads up @olidadda. I’ll speak to Ben about patching this error, as it’s one of his videos.
Please do continue to report any errors like this that you find - Although they should hopefully be few and far between.

You’re absolutely right that;
(814 - 653) / 0.2 = 805

Hopefully knowing that you did get the right answer will help rebuild that confidence (hey, you beat the teacher!).
Whenever you get a different answer to one presented in the video it’s great to see you asking for clarification. Asking these sorts of questions is what will really help cement your understanding.

Sometimes you’ll be correct, like in this case, and sometimes you’ll be wrong. At which point, we can help you to understand where you may have gone wrong and get you back on the right track.

My aim is to build your confidence in math so I’m always happy to help :smiley:

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cheers Gary, great to know I didn’t mess up this time! :slight_smile:

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