Possible bug when 0.0 < speed < 1.0?

Isn’t there a bug here in the speed transition from walking to idle, when the speed is greater than 0 but less than 1.0? If the speed is say 0.5, if we’re in idle we transition to walking because speed is greater than 0. If we’re in walking we transition to idle, because the speed is less than 1. If we stay at this speed, we’re going to transition back and forth between the two states on each frame. A speed that slow looks like it’s functionally unusable, but it seems to me the walking to idle transition should be when speed == 0, not < 1. If that’s not the case, why?

The course shows the transition from idle->walking->jogging. I played with this myself and set walking in 2 places - 0.1 and 0.5, with jogging at 1 and idle at 0

This is a bit of an art with science thrown in as you kind of have to try and figure out the right speed for the walk, the run and so on and takes a bit of experimenting.

I hope this helps.

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