PositionReport UE_LOG. Only getting 'Warning' log in console for Constructor

PositionReport UE_LOG. Only getting ‘Warning’ log in console for Constructor, NOT BeginPlay()

Hi all, I am following the videos. I have checked it many times I don’t think i missed any steps. I’m using Windows 10, VS2017, UE4 latest.

I created the PositionReport component on the chair. But tutorial tells me first to try the log line in BeginPlay() and states it matters not much at this stage if using constructor or BeginPlay() to test the log works. Well it didn’t work, but if I move the exact same line into constructor it does work (similarly it works if I copy it and therefore have the LOG line in both funcions - BUT of course I only get the constructor one, which I changed slightly the wording so I knew which one was being called.)

Also note, when I click ‘Play’ in UE4 I get both LOG messages as I expected to. But clicking ‘Compile’ as per video does not. Likewise, once I added the PositionReport component to the rock (second object) I still only get 1 LOG message but if press Play I get all 4 as expected

Not having much luck following the tutorials so far :cry:

Having a log in BeginPlay would only print when you press play.

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thank you again Dan!

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