Position of a parabola

When you mention the profound aspects of a parabola, I understand that a parabola has a

  • Vertex, Extremum
  • Roots, x-intercept points
  • Width, This can be defined in two ways. The global width is the distance between the roots of the parabola, while the local width for a given y-value is the distance between the two points on the parabola that have that y-value
  • Height, measured vertically from the x-axis to the y-coordinate of the vertex

But what do you mean by Position? In the lecture, you pointed out the symmetry of the curve itself (since it is a parabola) & that it runs around the y-axis.
When I hear the term position, I think of a location.

Could you kindly explain this in more detail?

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It is essentially The point on the axis that the Parabola mirrors, in this case the x value of the vertex.

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Thanks for the clarification.
This interpretation gives the term a unique meaning that is different from that of vertex

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