Poses from quick poses


Nice job.

Reminds me of some of the drawing exercises I used to do a few years back. As I get back into drawing, I can see that this will be a useful habit to get back into.

Can you show some of this drawing you did years back? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately most of it was lost. But I can show you something of what I have been working on.

I am not doing bodies yet, but I will get there soon enough. I am considering taking the GameDev art course at some point as a primer to imaginative drawing or concept drawing. Also to support and to critique (not to be mistaken with criticize :slight_smile: ) the course itself.

Keep up the good work. Do the exercises they get you to do. And draw from life, both simple and challenging. The point is learning how to observe, the product will come over time. This will furnish your imagination.

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Thanks mate. That is good advise. I have noticed that my way of looking at the world has changed since ive started learning blender and drawing. Skills will come, I hope.
This are nice drawings you got there. I can feel realism in them.


It might have been Michelangelo in his teaching notes that one should learn to perceive, and the rest will come in time: be it skill and speed.

It is like any skill- some people will progress quickly, others slowly, but in the end, only he who perseveres will be rewarded.