Pose Attempts

These are my attempts for the poses. I kinda skipped over the rigging portion of the course just because I have auto rig pro. This rig is a little messed up. with the fingers. So I didn’t attempt posing the fingers. I think they turned out pretty good.

The only notes I can see to think of for these is the neck in the diving picture looks kinda off. But I was trying to get that look of the guy looking down and I didn’t think to look at the side view. But I think they look pretty good in general

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I wonder when learning the basics - if not skipping the rigging part might be an approach allowing to fully understand what an add-one does under the hood. Or to fix potential issues with the add-on.

The courses provide additional titbits that prevent a lot of headaches, e.g., the belt buckle on my anime character deformed, because it was still impacted by other bones. Grant mentioned a check box that fixed the issue right away.

I looked up auto rig, and it looks very useful. Added to my list of future add-ons to consider.

Btw, the character looks great.


Yeah I went through the first section of rigging but I just didn’t do the human part. I figured the first section was good enough to do the basics.

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