Portrait with blender sculpting tools


I love sculpting in Sculptris and I have many problems with Blender sculpting, but I give it a go and try what I can… Unfortunately I have the carpal tunnel syndrome and my hand and arm is aching… so I cannot exercise so much I would like to…

I have worked without any reference materials like photos or sketches, because first I want to concentrate on the blender tools and shortcuts… It is a difficult to work in 2 programs because the shortcuts in Sculptris are often different, sometimes the same and I have to concentrate to choose the right ones…


A lot of improvement over the rabbit for sure!

And without refference wow, you must be really used to sculpting faces i guess.

Love the kinda braid you did there falling over the shoulder.

Will you continue this piece?
Would be nice to see it with some shaders and actual eyes :smile:

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Thanks capa for your nice comment. I really like to continue this piece, but my hand is a serious problem… I will try with a wacom grafic tablet, perhaps it is a little bit more comfortable to the hand…
It will be a great challenge to work with shaders and real eyes, I have to learn a lot concerning this topics…But it would be really nice. :slight_smile:

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