What should i add in portfolio to get job as an 2d artist? I like character design and 2d illustration scene like in books. How do i know if i am ready ?

An artist once gave me some great advice on knowing when you are at a good level.

“Its not about being good, Its about doing it again and again until you are happy with it and then doing it again”

As for a portfolio it should be tailored to the job that you want and the one you are going for, As an example a character concept artist job is not going to be interested too much in environments
and scenes so limiting the focus on the character seems the best way to go in this respect.

Hope this helps

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Thank you! is character designer needs to learn all aspect in 2d? like environmnet vechicle , creature and so on unlimited things to draw.? I am confused which should i focus more on.

I think it would depend on the company and the position that you applying for. As Marc stated, if you are applying for a character concept artist position at a larger company, they would probably rather you knew characters better than anything else, the other things that you know would be a benefit for sure, but not really what they are looking for. However, if you were applying to say a start-up game company they would probably like for you to assist in multiple aspects of the game and would like to see all of the skills that you have, and how many different “hats” you could wear. Hope this helps!


Thank you!!


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