Populating the room with my best character

Please meet the best character I have created to the present date: Simmarya. She’s trying out a new outfit in a mirror (that I have yet to make, along with the rest of the furniture).

For her sprite, I used as reference the sprite sheet I had from RPG Maker. I think I stayed pretty true to the original. Just don’t break the magic by looking too closely. :joy:

P.S. I meant it when I said she’s my best character yet. I have a whole novel written with her as the protagonist, and it’s so much fun to finally see her in the digital medium, what she looks like and how she acts. To be totally honest, she’s the reason I took interest in game development (game design to be precise) in the first place, because at my core, I’m a storyteller. :slight_smile:

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It’s a lovely girl!

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