Popular misconception about older folks not understanding computers

Almost through my 8th decade, I’m probably the oldest one here. Contrary to what many may think, that doesn’t mean I have trouble with computers or don’t understand them. I’ve been working with them since the days of ENIAC and the TRS-80.

I am, however, relatively new to the world of CG and VFX. I got interested in Digital Compositing and Blackmagic’s Fusion about a year ago, and was working my way through that world when I stumbled on Blender. At first I thought, “Oh, that’s only good for modeling monsters!” and pretty much ignored it. Boy, was I wrong! The more I learn about Blender the more powerful it gets.

After previewing several courses, I think this one is the best and most complete and is certainly structured so that you can learn at any pace that suits you. And the fact that there is such a large and helpful Blender community is a plus.

I’m happy to be here, and we’ll see how it goes as I progress down the trail of “modeling monsters.”

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