Pony's Adventure

So, I went a little off the sci fi topic here. Instead of a spaceship, I have created a prefab head of a horse. In Pony’s Adventure, you are a horse head mask looking for someone to wear you. Anyone who watches anime may be familiar with this concept. Please note, there have been some interpretations of Pony that are very inappropriate. This is not meant to be one of those.

And now, without further ado. Everyone… meet Pony!


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Can’t wait to see the final result of this.

The idea sounds interesting, I’m interested to see how this game develops :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your responses. Just a minor update. I realized a horse head could not normally fly on its own. And this project was supposed to be somewhat rocket based, sooo… I decided that Pony needed a jetpack.

Pony 2

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It could be a haunted horse head or a magical horse head, or… I don’t know, there are many possibilities, but the rocket works just fine, it also makes it a little weirder which is great.

Yeah. Sadly, he keeps falling over once I add the rigid body.

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