Polymer network

Hi to everyone, I am a new user of blender and I would like to ask if someone knows how to do a polymer network. Here are some examples:

I am not sure how to do it, I hace tried to do a blezier curve and then mesh it to an object but I can not change the color or the thickness…is there any better idea or suggestion?

Thank you very much!!


I have less knowledge about Polymers and it’s difficult for me to see what you want to achieve. But a bezier curve and mesh could work with the help of a displacement modifier, like “Simple deform” or maybe “Warp”.

Also there is also a additional MESH library with pipe joints (explained in a tutorial). And maybe there are some external libraries with polymer mesh objects (maybe toy create your own (explained in tutorial - The Church)).

Maybe the Grease pencil is a tool you can use (explained in tutorial - human head)). It’s a line with thickness.

I know (we’ve all experienced it) you want to design nice illustrations on specific subjects. And a lot of things are possible, but you need the skills first. Learn the tools Blender gives you. And then maybe you’ll say. He this is the best way to accomplish this polymer object.

Don’t give up. You certainly learn the tools to make this happen.

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