Polished Crypt Raider level 2

I wanted to show you my version of Crypt Raider - both in the form of a video presentation from level 2 of the game and a playable version.

In addition to the ability to pick up objects and react with other objects, I have introduced movable platforms (in different planes) to the game, serving as platforms, blockades or pushing walls. To this I added the ability to pick up keys, which in turn open a specific type of door (e.g. a white key opens a white cell door).


  • moving around the map - W S A D / arrows
  • jump - SPACE
  • get a key / open door or chest - E
  • picking up items - left mouse button (hold until you decide to drop the item)

I hope you like it :smile:

Link to video:
Crypt Raider demo level 2

Link to demo game in my Google Disc (size about 720 MB - first create any folder on your hard drive and download all shared content to it before running the .exe file game):
Crypt Raider demo game

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