Polished concrete 3d

I’d like to know who has the expertise and which software is the most effective for creating a 3D model of a concrete floor similar to the polished concrete offered by Polished Concrete 1 https://polishedconcrete1.com . The objective is to create a detailed 3D representation of a commercial space with a meticulously polished floor.

There are 3 ways I can think of.

  1. Find a polished concrete image texture (e.g. this from textures.com) and apply it to a plane.

  2. Find a regular concrete texture, and turn the roughness down to give it a polished look. You could use the image texture to drive the roughness by using a colour ramp.

  3. Procedural with shader nodes. If you’re a beginner with procedural texturing, you could start with a musgrave texture, plugged into a colour ramp. Turn the roughness down or use the musgrave texture with another colour ramp to drive the roughness:

    Play around with that until you get something that you like. You can then experiment with adding in other textures, such as a noise texture to add some surface imperfections, or a brick texture to create lines for concrete slabs.
    Here’s something I came up with, starting with the above node setup and then playing around with more nodes:

    This will look a bit less realistic than an image texture, but can be a lot more fun! :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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