Police Chase

FINALLY. I keep switching between courses (Unity 3D, Unity 2D, and Unreal) trying to figure out the best way to build the game I need to finish in 3 weeks, and for some reason I must not have seen this section before. I’m taking a C++ course and for my final project we can use C#, but I had to learn it from here. This will be perfect!

The Game
I live in L.A. and it’s always “a thing” when the news broadcasts a police chase that sometimes lasts hours. There are always squad cars following behind and the real star, the police helicopter who keeps a bright beam of light on the suspect’s vehicle at all times. I think in all the times they’ve covered these chases, only one person has ACTUALLY gotten away somehow. I think the concept of getting away makes the perfect premise for a game, especially one using the Argon Assault setup.

Originally I planned on either giving the player a choice of playing as a squad car or a helicopter, but given the time I may just settle for one. Since this example is a flying rails shooter, I may opt for just the helicopter and add in the car if I have time. It’s very simple: the player would have to keep the light on the getaway car for a certain amount of time (say 45 seconds out of 1 minute), otherwise the suspect would escape and the game is over. If they play as the car, I’m thinking they’d have to either perform a pit maneuver (collide with the other car) OR throw a spike strip before the time is up. Both of these would be animations, which are also part of the Argon Assault example. It’ll actually have to be a combination regardless…the getaway car on a rail on the ground and the helicopter flying. I think I might actually be able to pull it off to some extent though!

I really like the idea of making one endless level that keeps resetting. I hadn’t thought about that too much before and was not sure how many levels my game really needed, but I think one is enough. If I can replicate Argon Assault with my own assets and change the particles to light beams, I think I could end up with an awesome game even though I don’t have a ton of time. This is now my priority though, so I’ll be spending most of the day every day working on it until May 2nd when I have to present it.

Thanks for reading. Thoughts and ideas are more than welcome.

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Police chase is a cool idea!

LA police chase, even better! KNX 1070 loves to cover them with that “breaking news” ambience and it seems like we follow these chases for hours! Interesting and potentially horrific when they oppose traffic!

I know of this YouTube video about how to convert google maps into 3D maps. I do not want to link it, but the title of it is “From Google Maps to 3D Map in Photoshop…” by Orange Box Ceo. I personally have not tried it, but if you wanted a realistic LA metro, that might be a cool place to start :smiley:

Have a nice day!

That sounds awesome, thanks! I’ll check it out.

I imported a modern city package from the Unity Asset Store that I had to buy, but it looks pretty cool. A realistic L.A. scene would be even better though. I’m kind of on a time crunch but maybe once the project is done and turned in I can improve it.

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