Pointiness issue

I’m stuck with this lesson, because the pointiness param in the geometry node for the Orc high poly material doesn’t seems to work. I followed along with the video and I’m preparing for cavity baking, but somehow I can’t seem to bring those cavity out. What am I doing wrong here?

Obv I switched to Viewport Shading and that’s what I see:

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I’ve been going over the video and studying the picture you provided. You seem to have everything match the lesson. The only thing that I can think of is the orc’s scale may not be applied. Sometimes textures do nothing when the scale isn’t 1. However I’m not confident in this solution because during sculpting, blender mentions if something isn’t uniform scale. Usually in blender when something like this happens it’s a very small that is overlooked like a box that needs to be checked.

Another thing I do sometimes when the texture isn’t working, is I’ll recreate the scenario of making the the same texture ( as new material) again. Sometime I click or turn off something I wasn’t supposed to.

Let me know if any of this doesn’t solve the issue, and I’ll try to think of more solutions. :+1:

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Thank you for taking the time to verify the situation and suggest possible issues! I checked the orc scale and it was applied, both for low poly and high poly; so that’s not the issue.

Actually, I think I kind of made it work: I went in the object data properties and, under the section “Normals” I checked Auto Smooth. Somehow, this seems to sort of fix the issue; it doesn’t seem to me as a complete solution, but it allowed me to proceed further in the course :smiley:

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Well sorted out. Baking always has to have both HP and LP smooth shaded. I am sure it is mentioned at some point in the lectures.

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Oh that’s right! I forgot, before the baking of the textures, the meshes need to be smooth shaded. Thanks for letting me know. Smooth shading is one of those things that happen so often that I forget that’s a thing (I have it bound to a key so I don’t use the menu anymore).

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