Point and Click to Third Person

OK so as the title suggests, I was recently debating on swapping my RPG system from a Point and Click to a Third Person view/First Person view (they will toggle by the click of the ‘C’ button I suppose), mainly because I see a ton of potential out of this little swap (and if I’m being honest, I spent some money during Black Friday on Malbers’ Animations, he has some dope animals, xD. In short, he inspired me to go third person view, and I see a lot of amazing advanced functionalities coming out of this)

To keep this simple, how hard can this task be? Any pitfalls I don’t see ahead of me? I am certain that the camera will change, and there’s a lot of button assignments to occur and system changes/add-ons, but that’s as far as I can see for now

I’ve applied the Third Person Combat and Traversal course scripts into the RPG course scripts, but have not (and am not likely to) made a hybrid where you can do both point and click and Third Person.

First, you need to go through the entire First Person Combat and Traversal course. This is too complicated for an “add on from the TA” sort of system. Then, virtually every system has to be adapted to use the setup. It took me about a month to get it right, and I’m the TA of both the RPG series and the Third Person series.

Nah I don’t want to have both point and click and third person into the game… I want the entire game to be third-person based… This will be one long transition now I believe

Guess I’m buying that course now too :grimacing: (I was on a Black Friday spending spree… really hoping it all becomes worth it in the end)

The “C” button switch was basically meant as a first <-> third person view switch, point and click will be eliminated

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