Pls help!

I UV unwrapped and use render baking image to texture my wall, it looks all fine in blender.
but after I exported to unity it looks like a mess ! I guess it is the uv’s problem, but i cant not fix it, i have been trying for couple days but I couldn’t find any answer, pls help me !
and my goal is making some beautiful models for unity, but it seems like realistic texturing and using different shaders in unity is another huge topic, I wonder what kind of book or website i can go to find information? Or are u guys going to make another course about this ? I love how you guys teach, pls let me know.

Whilst I haven’t really dipped into their lessons, so I’m not an expert on the topic, I believe the site CGCookie has a great deal of texture and animation courses (for free and paid) that could help fill in the blanks. There are also a lot of Unity courses there as well.

Or, of course, there’s always youtube :smiley:

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Did you use the .blend file directly? Sometimes exporting to .fbx can give better results. Your texture looks tiled for some reason, maybe you could try tweaking those settings.

problem solved, it is because I have two uv channels, Unity only sees the first one and I was using the second one, I deleted the first uv channel and it is fixed, thanks to instructor Michael.


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