Please slow down, Sam

Please slow down your talking speed, your scrolling speed, and your window changing speed. It’s impossible for me to keep up, and just causing frustration. There are some programming terms that you are quite comfortable with that mean very little to me in the context of Unity (such as “callback”) that you use casually, making it hard to follow. Different instructors have different strengths, and there is no doubt you are very knowledgeable, so I certainly don’t mean this as anything other than constructive criticism. Thx.


You can try slowing down the speed of video play, to the level that suits you from bottom left corner of Udemy Video Screen (Just a suggestion only)

Screenshot 2023-01-03 133719

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While slowing the audio down does make it a little easier to follow, it also makes Sam sound drunk. While amusing, it doesn’t aid my learning very much. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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