Please help!

I was getting used to Unity doing the original Unity course. Recently I’ve installed the new macOS Mojave.
but after the installation process when I head to unity to finish my non-completed block breaker project.
nothing was working! The game doesn’t run and there is nothing in my assets.

anyone who can help? What’s the problem and how can I solve it?

Hi Bill,

Sounds like an empty project to me, however, if you use whatever a Macs version of Explorer is to browse through to the projects directory you should be able to tell whether there is anything actually in the Asset solder or not.

Let me know what you find.

Thanks for your reply but my project is not empty!
Here is how my project looks in Unity.

And here is how it looks in the Finder.33%20AM

Everything is there but I don’t know what’s going on, could you suggest anything to do I’ll really appreciate it
if you help me.

Hi Bill,

It definitely looks like that project isn’t doing so well.

What I would probably do now is this;

  • take a copy of everything within the Assets folder and pop it somewhere else temporarily
  • create a new project
  • move the copy of your Assets folder into the new project, so that the contents of Assets (copy) go into Assets (new project)
  • open Unity

Hopefully, you’ll see everything as you would expect, then Save Project, close Unity, re-open and make sure it works as it should.

Assuming it does, discard any temp files you’ve created and also the original, seemingly broken, project to avoid future confusion.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry Rob but that doesn’t work maybe I didn’t explain my problem well.
nothing works with with the old version of Unity even the

Hi Bill,

OK, to clarify…

You used an older version of Unity, opened the project(s) in a newer version of Unity and now can’t open them again in the older version, is that correct?

That was close but not correct I’ve made more than three projects in Unity4.6 Using macOS High Sierra but I’ve just updated to macOS Mojave, Now when I open my projects (including the example project) in the same version of Unity which is Unity 4.6 using macOS Mojave nothing just works there’s almost nothing to see inside the editor.

Hope, I’ve clarified it enough for you, waiting for your help.

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Hi Bill,

I see. Ok, just to advise, I’ve not used a Mac and have no experience with them - however, a quick Google search indicates that there are people experiencing issues with both Unity and Mojave, but primarily from newer versions and issues with regression within Unity.

Version 4.6 is very old. Just to check, do you have a more recent version of Unity installed also, or were you planning on opening with version 4.6 and continuing with that version?

The reason I ask is that you might have more success with a newer version, but there might be some considerations with that which would be worth covering first depending on what you want to do.

Let me know and let’s see if we can work out a bit of a plan to get things working for you again.

I do have Unity 2018.2 installed on my mac but I just wanted to finish the old Unity course before getting into the new Unity 2D course.
And to have more experience on the older versions of Unity.

Hi Bill,

The reason I asked was because, just as a tree eat, I was thinking you could zip up one of the projects that doesn’t open in the older version of Unity and share it so I can grab it and see if I can open it in a newer version of Unity.

If it works OK, I can send you back the zip and you can then see if that will open successfully in your newer version of Unity. This confirming that the original content is still OK, giving you a copy to still work with but retaining your original older version too.

Let me know if you want to give it a try.

Another thing you could consider, just to rule out any issues with your project files, you could use the links under Resources on Udemy to download the Project Changes. This would give you a working project at that specific point in the course, based on which lecture you use the link from, you could try opening that and seeing if it works. If it does, then your working copy is problematic, if it doesn’t it would point more to compatibility between the very old version of Unity and Mojave.

Let me know if me know if you want me to test your project files at my end.

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