Please help

I used to set the sceane as shown in second image but whenever i hit render button bunny used to change its position and size…
please help I am totally frustrated

Hi, you have 4 cams, and one of them set up as default in camera settings.
I do not remember where the settings, but I think it’s in them - you just need to set the active camera to work.

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Select a camera you want to render in, then use Ctrl + Numpad 0 to set current camera as active camera. After that you should be rendering with the camera you want.

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i see that the bunny flip did you apply rotation click the bunny and Screenshot%20from%202018-08-20%2014-23-15

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Still not solved as I hit render its position change

Please help me immediately

check the origin of the bunnyScreenshot%20from%202018-08-20%2017-19-19

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no effect :disappointed_relieved:

Attach your blender file and we can help you a little more effectivly

soory for disterbing all of you.actually one day i am playing with my bunny by appling some animination in it.
and i forget to erase the timeline but i switch the recording off .
so whenever i hit render button bunny return to its frame number 0.

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And thank you all for replying sa fast…

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As a Human, helping other people makes me Happy So I am glad you problem is solved

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