Please Help . .

I can get everything to work . . . ball rolls on ramp, pins fall down . . . problem is they all do it at the same time. It’s like the pins are anticipating being knocked down so they lay down on their own . . . chicken pins! :0D

Anyway, I spread the pins out - that didn’t change one pin. They still wilted facing the oncoming ball. I looked for some sort of time delay - didn’t find it. Soooo, what am I doing wrong???

Did you use an array modifier to create the pins? You may need to separate them… EDIT> select all> keystroke p> select by loose…

without seeing what is happening, this is my guess.

Thanks Jessica! I thought they were separated…but maybe not. After I
examined everything, I thought they weren’t sitting squarely on the static
plane. Changing that didn’t help either. In fact I never found the issue. I
ended up building another scene with just cylinders and a ball…that one
worked perfectly! Crazy.

Thanks for the suggestion!


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