Please help with my Sand Sculpture Material

Hi there, I’m having some trouble creating my sand sculpture shader. Around 4min into the tutorial, a noise texture and bump nodes are added and edited. When I tried to edit mine, it looked really different to what was shown in the video.

Here is a screenshot of my material nodes and the result:

After trying to fix it for a while, I downloaded the file in the resource tab of the video. When I opened it, I muted the other nodes I hadn’t added yet, but the result was the same as my own. I downloaded the file on another computer and had the same issue.

Here is a screenshot of the material nodes and result from the provided file:

Please could you take a look to see what you think? I’m wondering if I may have something set up differently in my Blender preferences that’s causing it.



I didn’t do this tutorial.
I can’t say what you are trying to achieve here.

Maybe your object does not have the same properties.
Because the starting point of this all is Susanne the monkey.
Maybe it has a scale applied or a different coordinate.

The point is, that the material nodes are just nodes doing the thing constructed to do.
So what is the expected outcome?

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Going to be hard to tell if down to settings as it is affecting the provided file as well.

He is set to ‘experimental’ in feature set, might be that.
Your Suzanne might be a different size. Or different subdivision level.
Are you using the same render engine?

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