Please help me figure out why this is happening

So I have gotten to this lecture, however, for some reason, I cannot remember, but something was just off about the code and I just decided to copy and paste from Ben’s project changes. I made sure it was all there and just went through and got rid of all of the + symbols and - symbols.
I have retried this about 5 times, and even tried earlier and later lecture project changes. EVERY time, I get this:
command console launches, no build errors, however “The system cannot find the path specified” is the only text I get.
I had it working when I had done it myself the very first time. I just edited the content and now I get this. I even went through and redid EVERYTHING on a new project and same issue. PLEASE HELP, I have not the slightest clue why this would be happening.

It ended up working suddenly by going back a lecture, even though I had done that before. Also for some reason, something that seemed to work was adding #include stdfx.h at the beggining.

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