Please guide me

Hope you can guide me on how to change (hair, clothes or accessories) for the character by entering a certain area, the character radiates an effect when entering that area and immediately changes () . But the character can still move normally, without errors with those changes.
If it’s even better, I hope you can show me how to bring the model from Blender into Unity and the textures are still fine, make the character move and do the above. If possible, I hope to have detailed instructions via video.
Thank you.

If you’re making the 3D Model, consider developing your character as layers that can be turned on and off, so when you get into an area, you turn off the hair layer (for example) and activate another hair layer, and so on…

So, don’t make the hair part of your character, just make it fit but make it it’s own standalone model in the same file

That’s how armour and customizable characters are typically made in games


How do I turn on and off the hair layer it displays in the game?
Do you have any keywords to search for instructional videos?

not really, if you’re buying a modular character asset for example, they’ll usually come in layers. Here’s an example:
Modular Character Layers

you can then toggle these through code or however you see fit

If you want to make that on your own though, then good luck. I’m out :sweat_smile:

Can you guide me? Why are you out?

I’m out because I’m not a graphical designer, not now at least :slight_smile:

No, I mean about code

But I think your car model is very cool

I want to create 3D, hope to hear from you soon.

I can’t help you with that, as I’m occupied with something else at the moment (especially not with humanoid design). Sorry :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time:D

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