Please give feedback on my first video game, a short Chernobyl-inspired piece

Hi everybody!

I want to thank Ben & Rick for creating an awesome Unity 2D course! I had never done a graphical game before in my life, but after watching just ~35% of the course I got brave enough to take part in GMTK 2020 game jam, and even have created & submitted a game before the daunting 48 hours deadline!

I think the most useful takeaway from the course was not just Unity tips & tricks, but the idea to design the game before coding and focus on core gameplay first— without that, I’d never release anything in time!

Please find the game here , it’s a short (~3.5 min) experience about life of Soviet nuclear reactor operator. I would be extremely thankful if you rate it here, if you can.


Big thanks to Ben, Rick, and all the community again! You are truly inspiring!
P.S. Fellow GMTK 2020 jammers, please share your games as well :slight_smile:


Reminiscent of Bonanza Bros, looks cool :+1:

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Taking into consideration the fact that it is your first experience in game development, I must say that it is not bad at all, it is pretty good actually. Are you still working in this domain? I mean, do have some other, newer projects that you are working on? I would actually like to see something new from you, to se how you are developing in this domain. I guess the 2D games have to be only the beginning. I hope you won’t give up, and reach the level of creating games that we will be looking to buy on different sites, just like, and many others.

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