PlayMaker half price

If you’re enjoying Unity but struggling with the coding aspect, or even if you’re a programmer looking to simplify your dev, check out PlayMaker. I’ve just bought it half price on the Asset Store and going through the tutorials, it’s amazing. Brings a very powerful visual state machine to Unity - I’m pretty sure I’ll be using this on every project.!/content/368


Thank you for sharing @ninjachimp!

It seems to be a very good asset indeed, but I don’t know if it should be used in the final build of the game, perhaps only for simple mechanics, prototyping, or for really simple games (which might be the case).

My opinion is the same as the person who has written this article.

I read the article and it does make some good points (Git compatibility being a big one) but I am still tempted to say that while it doesn’t enforce good coding practices, it doesn’t prevent them either. Like any tool, it has its place and can be used well or misused.

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Exactly :slight_smile:

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