Player rig keyframe changes

so ive seen that this issue has cursed other players too but i cant find a working answer to the problem for me. so when i do my first keyframe which is the ship on the ground then the next keyframe of the take off everything works fine but when i add a 3rd keyframe to have it travel and use the align with view button it changes my first 2 keyframe positions. it does the same animation but changes the positions. i have a theory with tinkering a bit that when i choose to align with view on the 3rd keyframe it aligns the positions of the first 2 keyframes in a relatively similar way but i would like some help from people who would know better than me. thanks

gonna make this reply to myself in case someone else has this issue for the 3rd frame i used move to view not align with view and everything worked fine. still working on adding more keyframes and looking to add some rotation to the rig so still need to see if ill come across any more issues

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