Player movement breaks when adding BP_Torch to player BP

I’m having the strangest issue.

I’ve made a torch out of shapes as it’s own blueprint. I then copy/drag this into my BP_Player blueprint and if I try to play the game now, suddenly “W” moves my character right and “S” moves my character left.

If I remove the torch, it’s all back to normal. It doesn’t matter if I drag the torch component under ‘body’ and assign it to the parent socket of ‘left hand’, etc. It’s just the moment the torch is added to the player blueprint movement is suddenly broken.

Even if I move the torch around and try different rotations, movement is still broken in the exact same way every time I try to play after adding the torch.

BP_Torch has no added blueprints of anykind, it’s just the torch.

I’m confused as how the torch is affecting movement.

Ok, got this fixed.

Somehow the ‘collision preset’ for my BP_Torch got reset to “BlockAllDynamic”.

I think I know why too, Unreal Engine crashed on me while I was making the torch. I had changed Collision Preset to “None” prior, but I’m guessing that didn’t save due to the crash.

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