Player Experience

In four words: Survive. Endure. Adapt. Overcome.

With many more words:

My game will be set in the future in a world that has never discovered electricity. It is an analog world, everything is very mechanical and industrial. AKA: Steampunk. The character will start from his home and has no idea what the hell went wrong and what is happening.

The overall tone will be very grim and dark. But not demonic like the Diablo franchise. Dust, toxic gases, poisoned waters, rust and overall industrial pollution will set the basic dark-atmosphere of the world. The years of exploiting the earth now results in the outbreak of several epidemics simultaneously with infected people acting like Zombies, or entering a stage a wicked rage. All the dangerous substances have also changed the flora/fauna and not to the better., and if that would not be enough a civil war is about to break out…

The player is sort of an engineer and the way to survive and take on the challenges this world throws at him/her is to find all the right components to build and upgrade his/her exo-suit (short: exo), whether with devastating guns and rockets, or spiked plates and a chainsaw cutting through everything in the way or even a tank emitting the most acidic gas ever known to melt the skin and flesh of every beast and even corroding the strongest steel.

Will his/her engineering skills be enough to grow from prey to predator?



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