Player doesn't deal damage or launch projectiles

the player doesn’t deal damage or launch projectiles, however enemies works just fine, they do stat damage + weapon damage and launch the arrows

this error pops with every hit animation trigger

and it point to this code


That is an odd issue as if the enemies are working from memory the player is using the same code so it should work.
Can you download our project and compare the two projects side by side? (If you ae using unity hub just add the second project to it and open it up as it will allow you to have both open)

Brian is back on Monday so may be able to help further if you cannot spot the issue here

It looks like somehow the player doesn’t have a weapon equipped (which seems unlikely).
Assuming you’re starting with a default weapon of Unarmed, is the player doing damage before picking up another weapon?

Let’s start with a complete look at your Fighter script. Rather than a screenshot of the code, type 3 of the backwards apostrophes on it’s own line like this
And then copy and paste the script and on it’s own line add three more of the ```