Player character sprites didnt changes

Hello people!

I’m new with Godot and in gamedev.

I’ve got a problem. I’ve complete hoppy days tutorial and it works just fine. But when I tried to change sprites on player node from bunny to girl nothing change.

In a player scene I see that sprites is changed. In level scene the same. But when I run project I’m still playein the bunny character, not the girl.

Could you tell me what can be wrong? Thanks.

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hi and welcome to the community Алексей :wave:

did you manage to get it working?

i cant remember if i spoke to you on Discord or not. did a restart resolve it?

if its still not working, if you let me know, since i have came up against this with another student and its a strange one.

Hello and thank you! Yes, we had tal in discordk. Problem solved.

It was bug. After 8 hours, it solved it self. But thanks for your help.

cool, least its working. if you can mark the thread as answered please. just makes it easier to search for questions that dont have answered :wink:

fingers crossed it doesnt rear its head again and you have a good experience going forward.