Player Character could not walk/climb up stairs from the Learning Kit

I’m at the Polish part of Obstacle Assault project. As I’m play testing, I noticed my Player Character could not walk/climb up the stairs provided in the level’s Learning Kit Asset.

What could be the problem and how to resolve it (either Blueprint/C++)? I’ve looked around and many people mention about increasing Max Step Height in the Character Movement Component, which I changed and even tried 6000cm, and it still won’t work.

I’m using UE5.

See the video for reference:

From memory - in the tutorial video - you should change walkable floor angle. I think he set it to 60 degrees


Hi Timothy_Murphy. You’re right. This is quite embarassing I might have missed that part.
Setting the angle Walkable Floor Angle to 60 degrees indeed made it work.

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All good - there is so much to learn that it’s easy to miss things.

Your question made me wonder about what the step height does, and was a helpful reminder to me about the angle setting also!

If memory serves correctly, step height tells you how high a ledge can be before movement is blocked.

Example, you have a Step-height of 1 meter but the street curb was 1.1meters high, you would need to find a part of the road with a lower curb.

This, in conjunction with navmesh settings, informs AI on what path it needs to take.

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Ah thanks! I"ve had a play with navmesh before so that makes sense to me.

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