Playable courses via mobile/PC offline?

when i looked up how much of a cut Udemy takes from instructors I started buying my classes though you guys directly. there is a problem…I do a decent amount of traveling to our datacenters for my job. with Udemy i can download courses to a device, and do them while in flight. I cant find an app for teachable or gamedetv. is there a player you guys are compatible with or a method we can download our courses locally. I don’t care what device it is on. it wont matter to me if its a PC or mobile solution, im just hoping for a way to work through courses while in the air, without relying on spotty airplane wifi.

EDIT: if there isnt…is it against TOS for me to record the course locally on my computer so i can replay it while traveling( as long as i don’t distribute it to others)

Hi Fitz0Fury,

Unfortunately the current back end we use for our site does not have an app to enable you to download courses legally and doing so in any other method would be against the TOS.
However what we can do is if you contact the support team at the contact button at the top of the page we can get your courses to your Udemy account as well so that you can use their app to download the course.
Please be aware however we get a limited amount of codes to do this each month so it can take some time if these have been used already.

I feel this would be your best solution to your situation.

Hope this helps.

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