Play my Block Breaker game!

Finally, made my version of the game…

There are only three levels to complete. Once you do the first stage then you can do the next. There are 5 powerups available but only a few in the first stage. You always start off with 3 lives in each level.

Looking for any suggestions, feedback, criticisms of the game, etc. I would love to do my own graphics but I yet to figure out on where to start. Hopefully, I will be able to create more levels with improved graphics and sound


Fun game and I really liked the power-ups and such.

Some of the graphics when it recaptures the ball are a little chopping and threw me off a bit. Also I found I wasn’t sure how things worked very well. Wasn’t sure when I captured the ball as opposed to bounce it, not sure what the hand powerup was (still not sure) etc. So great additions but maybe a bit more of a signal to the player what that is about (maybe bonus text or something)

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Thanks for that. Maybe I should do a stage specifically on how to use each powerup. I think it might be a good idea. I going to try and update later.

There is some slowdown in this game. I didn’t get such trouble when using it on the unity editor but only came across it when playing it via the webgl. Maybe I got too much on the screen?

Oh yes, just to clarify, the hand powerup is suppose to represent a catch, meaning the ball will stick to the paddle and you have a chance to direct the ball, just as you did when you first started the level.

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Such an awesome game, I love the power ups, nice job!

Let me ask you, is the ball collision mode (under rigidbody2d) under discrete or continuous mode?
I think that you could put an angle into de sides of the paddle, it becomes hard to make the ball bounce vertically when it starts to move horizontally.

I also like the option to choose which level do you want to access once you unlocked it, very good!

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The ball collision mode is discrete. Unfortunately, I don’t know what that means at the moment. I have read the docs.

I have added some angles using the box collider but I have been looking at adjusting it a bit more. You may notice that if you hit the edge of the paddle then you can put more direction with the ball. I would like to do this by script but I haven’t learnt it yet.

Regarding the option to choose a level after unlocking it, I hoping the top guys here have made a game where it involves something similar.

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Oh, discrete mode is when it checks if there is a collision once per frame, and when it is under continuous it checks for a collision even between frames. When the game depends a lot of the collision system such as the block breakern you can have some odd behaves when the collision is discrete (discrete is the default because it is a lighter mode and usually is enough in most of the situations).

I didnt realized that the box collider have angles, Ill give it a try again. I didnt tried the level system yet, looking forward to using this system too :grinning:

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Thanks for the info. I need to have to research at that more. I know that when I followed the block breaker course, we were still using unity 4 but having upgraded to unity 5 I seem to remember deciding whether the collision system should be discrete or continuous and decided to go with the discrete. I think it was giving me problems. Also, with unity 5 you have the chance to use OnCollisionEnter2D and OnCollisionExit2D, amongst other things which all helps with the program.

My plan is to put this on the google store. Another member also put his game on google play so I like to try that as well. Maybe then I would put more instructions and hints to make people aware on whats in the game such as the box collider with edges and list of powerups

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I think that it is a very good idea to publish the games that we make, is good to get the feeling of how it works and etc.

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Very good job I enjoyed the game. At times level one was over whelming with all the PowerPCs, but it keep me moving. I think an earlier post made the point that a level per powerful and then maybe multiples with less frequency.

It is an awesome game … keep up the good work.


Thanks for the comments. Yes, level one has too many powerups and it slows the game down so that needs to be changed. I’m already decided to do as you said, which is to ease players in by introducing one bonus in each level before doing more levels with all the bonuses available to use.

I like to be able to do my own graphics on this game. Currently, learning how to use gimp but I don’t think that’s enough.

Great game. Well done.

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nice can u give me the source code ? i wont to learn from it thanks

my email

I have to be honest and say that I’m not willing to give this away just
yet. Ultimately, I’m not currently making games right now (due to other commitments) so I can’t be
bothered :open_mouth: but I still have plans to do more stuff on this game. However,
if you want to make the level choices like I have then check out here…

But its over an hour long. You might also want to check out Wabble youtube
page and especially this vid…

But most of the code is based on Unity course. If you do the block breaker and the laser games then you should be able to combine them together

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