Play Hex-Smasher and please leave a comment


Here is my version of Blockbreaker, called “Hex-Smasher” . I used 6 Sided blocks to add an addition level of randomness to the bounces, partly in an attempt to avoid the “boring playloop thing” and partly to make it more original.

All the art is original, sound from and music by a bad I enjoy called the Algorithm.


3 extra lives and lives counter added

Now working on extra lives that don’t reset the level, but just instantiate a new ball on the paddle. Can’t quite get the code right. The code which now gives extra lives will be used to add continues, a continue screen will also be added. Also more levels will be added once the lives and continues mechanics are sorted. Finally I noticed when playing in the browser that the lives counter moves depending on the size of the window, so I’ll be fixing this so it always appears in the upper corner

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Nicely done. I like it. Music’s a bit loud.

Thanks for your comments, I’ll turn the music down in the next iteration. :slight_smile:

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