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Fun, Fly, Shoot, Doge, score. Its time to Fly Gurkhas Aircraft across the green hill, killing monoesters, enemies and heavy machines.
Fly High, Aim Right get scored. Fun, shoot, doge, 3d, graphics

Hello, The 3d Adventure Game “Gurkhas Aircraft” has officially live on and
This is my Second game learned from Instructor Ben Tristen.
Here, You will be flying across green hill mountains and desert. Your target is to score highest score and rich till the end, kill the big robots and save the planet Earth from Alien Ship, Monoesters and Machineries.

Your thoughts, any things to fix, change , any comments, recommendation, are highly appreciated.

A / Right Arrow = Fly Right
D / Left Arrow = Fly Left
W / Up Arrow = Fly Up
S / Down Arrow = Fly Down

Fly high, Aim Right, Get Score

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Omg! Wow this is incredible! Great work! :clap:

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THanks, Kevin for your sweet comments. :smile: :grin:

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Of course anytime :slight_smile:

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Wow, good job with the game! It’s awesome!

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Thanks Xtreme…

Nice game, the graphics look great too!

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