Platformer DD

Good evening everyone,

it has been time since I posted something, but I was working on this game, following steps from the course and adding additional features.

Features from the course:

  • Movable character, enemy
  • Enemies can be killed
  • 3 levels, switching between level through the Exit
  • Collecting coins

Additional features:

  • Tutorial levels to engage player and introduce some functionalities and hotkeys
  • Killing the enemy or getting over obstacles with use of Player clones, that are limited per level, with spawn time for 10s
  • Adding Top 10 scores and counting score at the end of each level and at the end of the game
  • Hint that shows how much points player gets for collecting coins or sparing his clones or lives
  • Custom made music - please don’t be too harsh on me :smiley:

So if you wanna try, here is the link, play and have a fun!! :slight_smile:

PS: Any feedback is appreciated

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