Platform in marble run doesn't rotate

Hey folks,

It seems like this tutorial no longer works for 4.27.2. I did everything as asked. The platform is set to rotate, and isn’t static, blueprints tree is exactly the same. But the platform doesn’t rotate when I hit play. Bit dismayed by something not working so early into the course.

I installed an older version of Unreal to mitigate the age of the course but it seems that even within Unreal engine 4 iterations, there are problems.~

Testing out your code in a fresh UE 4.27 project with the floor set as Moveable I have not been able to replicate your issue (the floor moves for me). So I am curious to what the real cause might be.

Can you show me the details panel of your floor? Alternatively, you can also upload your project using this form to allow me to look at it directly.

Hey Tuomo, unfortunately I seem to be having an issue sending a zipped file so I’ll have to upload screenshots. If there’s anything more you need, I’ll be happy to attach. In terms of steps, I followed the lesson step by step, created the blueprint to make the platform rotate based on keyboard inputs, made the platform rotatable as opposed to static, saved and compiled the blueprint, launched the game, and the platform would not rotate. It’s a fresh install of 4.27.2 and I hadn’t changed any settings prior to or after launching the project.

Ok, I want to confirm that input is actually getting through. Can you add a print string node to the end of each of the input events and let me know the result?

Your code and floor settings look correct, so I have a feeling something is eating the input.

Hey Tuomo, it ended up being a really silly issue [on my part] with being unfamiliar with the editor UI. I was launching the game and nothing was happening under the assumption that it would immediately start recognizing inputs on play as this is what happens in music editors. What Unreal obviously requires is that you click on the actual game window even after you click play, otherwise even though the game is running, your inputs are registering outside the game world and not inside. This is probably incredibly obvious to a game dev but it would never have occurred to me coming from Ableton.

I appreciate the help. Thanks again for the support.

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