Planemo Characters!

So I don’t know where exactly would be the best place to put this, but I thought that I could get some feedback on my pixel art characters for the game I’m making.

The game is called Planemo, which is a word to describe a planet that has lost it’s star, and the idea is that you are a planet which has to traverse an asteroid field by orbiting around gravitational centers scattered in the map. I think it’s going to end up being a mobile game at some point if I can figure out how to do that.

This project originally started as a 3d one, as I was taking the unity 3d course, but I though it would be a better fit for 2d, making it more of an endless runner maybe? I might make levels similar to TotM where there are levels and an endless mode. Just wanting to see if my art could use some work but I’m pretty proud of it since it is my first true attempt at pixel art.

Here are my planets so far… Each will have a distinct personality and power-up that they can use. For example: The magma planet (names coming later) can orbit faster around an object, but if they touch any obstacles, they instantly burn up in flames, losing all of their lives at once. This planet is perfect for a speedrunner type or just a player that wants to traverse quickly. The radiant star-type one is just like a movie star and attracts more in-game power-ups and coins, but also slightly attracts obstacles towards them. This planet is made for a player who wants to collect as much loot as possible in a short amount of time. I am trying to make each planet have a benefit and a downside so that players can strategically plan out how they want to play the game.

What do you think? Also, any other planet ideas? I have tons of slots to fill!

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just realized that my background is gonna be black so the outline of the void planet is gonna have to be changed… whoops!

And, I’ve decided to name my characters after Greek gods, and have powers that correspond to their name!

The brown earth planet will be named Gaea, and will have extra health
The blue river planet is Poseidon, still need a power
The magma one is Hephaestus, god of fire, and can move faster, but explodes on impact
The snow planet is Khione, and can freeze incoming obstacles, but moves slower
and so on!

Here is a list of 16 characters that I’ve made…
Feel free to offer suggestions or tell me if any seem overpowered or brutal to play as

Nemo - starter planet: Has no positives or negatives
Pla - 2nd planet: Re-skin of Nemo
Gaea - 3rd: More health, but less powerups
Poseidon - 4th: Once per level, send a flood to push the player forward a great distance, but washes away coins and powerups
Hephaestus - 5th: Faster movement, but bursts into flames when hit and loses all lives
Khione - 6th: Can freeze incoming obstacles, but moves slower
Aeolus - 7th: Can dash forward for extra distance, but can only stay in a gravitational zone for a short time
Erebus - 8th: can void through obstacles for a short time, but occasionally the screen flashes black for a short time
Tyche - 10th: Can randomly gain any positive power of any planet (that the player has), but also a random negative one
Tyche - 11th: Find more coins and powerups, but less health
Pheme - 12th: Attracts powerups and coins, but also attracts obstacles
Cronos - 13th: Can slow down time for a short period of time, but asteroids appear more often
Asclepius - 14th: Health rejuvenates, but obstacles inflict more damage
Deimos - 15th: Can send out a rage, causes explosion of nearby obstacles, but also of nearby gravitational zones
Chaos - 16th: Main star that everything orbits, invincible, end game fun! Dunno about powerups just an end game character.

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It’s a very interesting concept and the pixel art looks nice. Coming up with one set of player mechanics is challenge enough for me, let alone 16. I salute your courage! :wink:

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