Plane challenge i made a mistake

32 AM

i was extruding the tail section and i got out of alignment which affected the following steps. at this point can i tweak? or twist it into alignment or do i need to go back to the begging of my mistake…?

Hey Kyle, at this point I would try and tweak things first. It will give you more experience with the software and help you learn more and understand things better. You can try moving each or multiple vertices together to realign. Try selecting edges and faces too. Just play with it, move, rotate and don’t forget the properties editor where you can get even more precise and see locations compared from one side to the other. Got nothing to lose and much to gain by doing this. If it gets all messed up, then just start over with a new file and you will have a better understanding. Always remember too, if you mess up, you can use undo as well. Default is 32 steps but you can set it higher which I suggest if your pc can handle it, the more undo you can do the further back you can go in your steps. Happy Blending! :thinking:

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thanks so much stephen! i played around some more like you suggested and figured it out.

Awesome, glad to hear it. :ok_hand:

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