Plane animation

Rendered in Evee.

Tried to render in Cycles but I am having some problems due to my gpu (AMD 7900xt).


Very well done and has a realistic feel of fast overhead and gone.

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Have you set the card in systems? I think AMD uses HIP

And this? Blender™ | AMD Radeon™ ProRender | AMD

And this? This add-on is a part of Blender and needs to be enabled.

Good luck :smiley:

I do have HIP enabled. That’s the first thing I did when I installed blender. I used ProRender a long time ago when it was new and I had a 5700xt. Did not work well but I may try it again. Could also try EVEE Next in beta.

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What kind of render solution do you use?
screen size, samples?

OK figured it out. Turns out that pressing CTRL-T in the shader nodes produces two texture coordinates nodes, two mapping nodes, an eviroment texture node, and a image node. The extra nodes and image node were the culprit all along. Seems the it is either a bug, course is incorrect due to blender updates, or I just didn’t follow well enough. Those unnecessary nodes caused my cycles to chug and produce pink textures everywhere while taking hours to render one frame.

-Deleted Unnecessary nodes
-Re-render in Cycles
-Compress gif for upload


Looks almost the same but hey, got it to work in cycles.


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