Plan to make a bookstore

My sketch:



I’m looking forward to the result. :slight_smile:

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Nina! I’m Shiyu! I use mayoco as my name in gamedev. :> Happy to see you here! haha~I want to make the 3D model asset myself so I start learning Blender. I found it interesting.

Hi Shiyu! Happy to see you here, too. :smiley:

Bookstores are a great topic. I really love those mysterious or cosy ones like in your reference picture. Unfortunately, there are not many left in the real world. At least not where I live.

Are you going to post your work in prograss? (I hope so.)

I came to this bookstore myself once and really love the atmosphere there :> Then I found the photo in google map and try to make 3D model of it. This is the bookstore until now.

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Looks promising! :slight_smile:

Prograss until now:

By the way, I don’t know how to place those books naturely…Does anyone know a better way except place one by one?

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Oh wow, your bookstore already looks awesome! You did a great job on capturing the mood.

Regarding the books, you could work with a plane and a book texture with an alpha channel. However, the books will look flat, even if you use a normal map. This approach only makes sense for books that are farther away in the store. For closer ones, you could design a few, select them all and duplicate them to fill all shelves. Then you manually increase the height and width of some books to achieve some authentic variation.

A little trick to achieve a more natural, refined look: Mark the visible edges of the beams and shelves and add a small chamfer. In Blender it’s called bevel. Do it when you are done with your design.

if you want to place the books like a more random way you could use a displacement modifier
If you want to know more about it, write me a message, it’s a bit complicated to do, but the result would be not bad :slight_smile:

Nina, Thank you for your advice ;> At first, I thought about partical system…But then I found it hard to control…Many book flip to other side of those shelf. And I can’t see the result and edit the partical system at same time(it needs switch between object and edit partical mode).

Manu,Thank you for your advice! Already send you a message.:slightly_smiling_face:

Example Picture

Because of its done with modifiers, you can adjust it the way you want in the end :slight_smile:

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Interior until now. I’m not sure if I’ll add more detail in these room. It’s fine to me :slight_smile:


looks great

Really cool. Great model idea.

Wow. I am impressed. What a great job!

@mayoco, very impressive work. Did something similar myself and about went crazy doing all the books.

I really love the work you’ve done here! Bravo.

This is looking so good!
Keep it up!

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