Placeholders in need of items

Well… I made some shapes as item & power silhouettes. The second is a basic sword shape but… I kind of got carried away playing around with diagonal and rotational symmetry for the rest :sweat_smile:

silhouette1 silhouette2.xcf silhouette3 silhouette4

Any suggestions on what items or powers I should make to fit these placeholders? :thinking: :smile_cat:

silhouette1_big silhouette2_big silhouette3_big silhouette4_big

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How did you get such detailed textures? Did you use patterns?

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Definitely. I usually work with two or three layers of patterns and then set the layers to multiply, overlay or grain. For the sword I believe I started with some wood patterns, played with the hue slider, made a new layer from visible and used the smudge tool to make the background less distinct.

My current favorite way to start wrapping up a project is to create a new layer from visible, apply a gaussian blur so that the areas of light and shadow flow better, then play around with the transparency and other layer effects so that the base detail of the previous layers show through :slight_smile:


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I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks!

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