Pixel Art Course best for adobe?

Hello guys, I am taking pixel art course and libresprite is used as basic starter, but if i do this, can i use adobe after using libresprite ? or is there a learning curve to using adobe after?

Hi Naumaan.javed,

Thanks for the great question.
I imagine that there will be a learning curve as each software differs in their approaches and what tools are named or the UI used but the basic principals to create the artwork will remain the same.
As i havent used adobe i couldnt tell you what the differences are but only compare them to the differences experienced between blenders sculpting and zbrush which is not much help if you have not used those packages either.
I believe that adobe do a trial however so its probably worth trying before you buy to see how you get on with the software before you commit financially to a subscription for adobe.

Hope this helps with answering your question

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Thank you for your answer

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