Pixar Luxo Jr. Rigging

Due to my limited knowledge of rigging I had to borrow someone else’s rigging for a Pixar lamp. The Luxo Jr. lamp has double arms, connected like a trapezium (if you know what I mean?). So basically, if the bone named “arm 2b” moves both “Rig_1” as “Rig_2” have to move to make it look natural. I couldn’t get it to work on my own.

This is the armature, showing the restrictions they used on the joints and the Driver bone. I added the “Bone” at the bottom, connect to the lowest forked joint. It doesn’t move with the rest because I don’t know how to connect it to the Driver bone. It’s mostly there so I can at least move that joint manually.

And here is where I found it.

In the end it did the trick and while I don’t completely understand how it works I thought I’d share for future students struggling with the Pixar lamp rig.


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