Pixar Intro Remake

Hi everyone! I just finished the section 5 which is of the animated lamp, and I decided to remake the Pixar intro of their movies because I really liked the idea of making it. Maybe somebody already did this, but the point is that I learned a lot doing it.

After days of modelling and animating, I finally could finish the animation which took longer than I expected because of some troubles with the rendering that just kept crashing and crashing randomly, and also I wanted to do the animation at 60 Fps which was a bad idea. I had to redo the animation about 4 times so, yeah, that’s why it took me so long.

Any type of feedback is welcome, I don’t have a plan to improve this animation because I know the rendering will take a lot again.

I decided to render with Eevee because of the cartoony style I was looking for and I rendered at 30 Fps. Please let me know what you think about it and also if you think is a good animation leave a like. By the way, this is my first animation.


Very nicely done. I will wait for the sequel, where the ‘I’ springs back up throwing the lamp off!


It’s a good idea, maybe I’ll do it in the future :thinking:

Great animation!
It’s a good look-a-like (a bit faster).
You even borrowed the sounds. :wink:

About Blender crashes: I hoped you rendered frames to bitmaps and merged them into a movie?!

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Yes you’re right, it is a bit faster because I wanted it to last 10 seconds. And about the crashes, that’s what I did, render frame by frame and then merge them.

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