[Pivot Points] Trap Door - Change Origin?

Would it be bad practice to change the origin to where I’d want it to rotate at, its hinge? I’m sure you could easily need a scene where you needed the 3d cursor in multiple spots to animate rotation at the same time.


No, but it also depends on the goal (usage) of the object. If it’s a trapdoor only, rotating, then it is ok!

But if the object, like a trapdoor, is animated, using Blender physics.
Then it is important to have the orange dot, as the center of gravity.

You see this problem occurring in the bowling pin challenge. Some students manage to get the orange dot (gravity point) below the base foot. As result, the pin doesn’t fall over, but wiggles.

As good practice is the use of an empty. The empty will be used as the hinge center, but the orange dot is still the center of the object. You will learn this later.